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April 2013 Archives

Maryland teen charged as adult in suspected theft crime

Law enforcement officials recently arrested a 16-year-old boy near his home in Belcamp on theft charges. Pollice suspect the teen of committing theft at gun point based on an investigation conducted in partnership with local school and gang resource officers.

Update: Baltimore's speed cameras shut down for erroneous charges

Over the last several months, we have covered the long-standing problems with the speed cameras in Baltimore. In an effort to catch more people speeding and raise funds, the city installed cameras to catch and ticket drivers believed to be traveling over the speed limit. However, the cameras quickly became notorious for inaccurately gauging drivers' speeds.

Indian adoption lawsuit before U.S. Supreme Court

Marylanders who either have or are considering adopting a child with Native American heritage will want to pay careful attention to a case that is now awaiting the decision of the United States Supreme Court. The Court will have to decide whether the child will remain with her biological father, who is Cherokee, or will be in the home of a couple that has no American Indian heritage.

Drunk driving: Unwarranted blood draws are an overstep

The current session of the U.S. Supreme Court has included multiple cases relevant to criminal defense. In addition to the drug-sniffing dog case, previously covered on this blog, the court made another decision that could impact some defendants in Maryland drunk driving cases.

Web of criminal charges tied to Maryland woman's testimony

In the fall of 2011, a 17-year-old boy was accused of committing a home invasion that involved a shooting. He was charged for attempted murder, aggravated assault and robbery based on the testimony of a Maryland woman. Months later, it was revealed that the woman had given a false account to police. As a result, the teenager needlessly spent nearly eight months behind bars.

Maryland parents can get support for disabled adult children

Maryland child support laws fortunately give parents of disabled children the ability to continue to seek child support even after those children reach adulthood. In the right circumstances, a Howard County child support lawyer can help a parent establish or continue child support for an adult child so that the parent that provides care can meet that child's unique and ongoing financial needs.

Baltimore man coerced into confession, guilty pleas vacated

In 2007, Baltimore police conducted a warranted search of a local man's home. Their investigation turned up a handgun, crack cocaine and other drug paraphernalia. Based on this evidence, the man was arrested and later pled guilty to a multiple counts of drug charges.

Copper theft charges ensnare Maryland boy

Annapolis police recently arrested two people for stealing copper pipes from a construction site. One was a local 29-year-old man and the other suspect was not so expected -- his 11-year-old nephew. According to reports, the two have both been charged with two counts of theft, but the boy is being charged as a juvenile.

Do Maryland parents with an obese child deserve to lose custody?

Marylanders are likely aware of the recent increased attention to the problem of childhood obesity. Obesity in a child can lead to serious health problems as an adult and, in some cases, can even compromise the child's immediate health. In light of this, one soon-to-be doctor has questioned whether or not the parents of obese children should lose child custody of them if they are unwilling or unable to do something about the child's health. Even though this medical student's question is raised in the context of the state's interfering with a parent's custody, Howard County child custody lawyers may also face similar issues in child custody disputes between two parents.

Maryland lawmakers extend license law for undocumented immigrants

For any number of reasons, drivers can be cited for driving without a valid license. However, undocumented immigrants are at particular risk of suffering serious consequences for these charges. Fortunately, however, the Maryland legislature recently passed a bill that, if signed by the governor, wouldn't require proof of citizenship to obtain a driver's license

Reality of DUI charges may soon hit TV star

Readers in Baltimore may be familiar with the MTV reality show "Teen Mom" and Farrah Abraham, one of the cast members. In addition to the apparent media attention Abraham has recently received, she was also cited for drunk driving after attending a St. Patrick's Day celebration.

Even with few assets, divorce may hurt Marylanders' wallets

In a high net worth divorce, Marylanders would probably expect that both parties would see a substantial change in their financial situations. After all, divorce means that a formerly married couple will divide their property and generally will walk away with roughly half of their overall wealth. When the couple has a lot of wealth between them, this means that each has a lot to lose.

Baltimore restaurant dispute spurs conflicting assault complaints

One Maryland family's dining experience concluded like no one could have predicted. A simple complaint over the dining experience at a Baltimore restaurant led to an argument that reportedly escalated to a physical altercation. Police responded, but the two men involved in the alleged incident have filed opposing assault charges against each other.

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