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March 2013 Archives

Supreme Court ruling limits warrantless drug sniffing

Recent headlines have been dominated by news headlines coming from the U.S. Supreme Court. Although most of the attention has been given to oral arguments regarding same-sex marriage, readers in Maryland may also be interested in an important criminal law case that was just decided by the high court.

Maryland protection orders don't always mean no guns allowed

As part of the recently renewed attention on the nation's gun control debate, more than one national media source has reported on the interplay between firearms and domestic violence protective orders. While some states require those who get served with a protective order to immediately surrender their firearms, Maryland is not one of those states.

Baltimore museum looks to untangle decades-old art theft

In 1951, a landscape pained by famed artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir was apparently stolen from the Baltimore Museum of Art. The work was missing for over 60 years until it turned up at an out-of-state yard sale last year. This development may have many wondering whether or not authorities would like to move forward with an investigation in order to file theft charges.

Did quotas push Baltimore cop into drug dealing scheme?

A member of Baltimore's violent crime task force recently pled guilty to charges for drug possession with the intent to distribute. The officer's defense team states that the man did what he felt was necessary to meet the arrest quotas set by the local police department.

No need for speed: Maryland woman ticketed for going 'too slow'

Many drivers have probably been pulled over for driving a few miles per hour over the posted speed limit. While this might be among the many common reasons for being pulled over, one Maryland woman was issued a traffic citation for a very surprising reason: She was apparently driving too slowly.

vInternational adoption can present emotional hurdles

Many people in Maryland who wish to adopt a child may look overseas in order to do it. International adoptions have proven very rewarding for many Maryland families. However, with those potential rewards comes a great deal of emotional and financial risk.

Baltimore police plan heavy DUI patrols for St. Patrick's holiday

St. Patrick's Day weekend is a great time for Maryland residents to celebrate their Irish heritage or simply spend quality time with friends and family. As is the case with most holidays, celebrations are likely to include alcohol. As Baltimore residents celebrate this coming weekend, they could benefit from making preparations to avoid the consequences of a drunk driving arrest.

Broader federal law aims to prevent domestic violence

President Obama recently signed a re-vamped federal Violence Against Women Act. The Act had originally been signed into law in 1994, and Congress had twice renewed it. In 2011, however, disagreement over new provisions in the law caused it to stall in Congress. Eventually, these issues were ironed out, and the law reached the President's desk earlier this month.

Officials hone in on reports of assaults in Baltimore schools

Facing criminal charges as a teenager is undoubtedly a scary experience. Not only do young people have to concern themselves with the immediate consequences of a criminal conviction, but they may also have to deal with the reality of a criminal charge for the rest of their adult lives. Knowing this, a recently released report may be of interest to teenagers throughout the Baltimore area.

Baltimore woman says police framed husband with robbery

There are very strict rules of evidence that police and prosecutors must abide by when investigating a case. Failing to do so may unravel the State's case and will result in an acquittal for the defendant. While many in Baltimore would hope that police would never violate these rules, there are frequently reports of police failing to respect suspects' rights. For a 51-year-old Baltimore man, there may be some evidence that police have framed him for a robbery that happened at Mercy Medical Center earlier this month.

Maryland could be the next state to legalize marijuana

Just this past November, two states made history by decriminalizing marijuana for adults over the age of 21. Now, Maryland could be the next state to legalize the drug if a bill authored by a Baltimore delegate is passed. The delegate introduced the bill into the House of Delegates late last month and it remains to be seen if it will appear before the full House or will make it to the state Senate. If it does, it would not only be legal to use marijuana, but the state would also have a new revenue stream.

Man to slowly pay back child support for child that is not his

A judge in a state that borders Maryland has ordered a man to pay a back child support bill even though the man proved that the child was not his own; however, the catch is that he only has to pay $1 a month on the bill for what will amount to the rest of his life. The court allowed him to do so without having to pay interest or other penalties.

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