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January 2013 Archives

Football star's drunk driving arrest raises questions

Football fans in Baltimore are certainly excited that the Ravens are headed to the Super Bowl. Although the team can celebrate a very successful season -- no matter the result of the big game -- one professional football player is dealing with difficulties off the field. Recently, Jay Ratliff of the Cowboys was arrested on suspicion of DWI.

Maryland child support payments will go paperless

Readers of this blog who receive or are eligible to receive child support will be interested to hear that Maryland's Child Support Enforcement Administration has announced that child support funds will be sent electronically to those parents who are receiving payments. As a result of this upcoming change, officials will no longer issue paper checks starting in January 2013.

Predictive algorithm in use to deny convicts parole

Many Maryland residents are familiar with the film "Minority Report," a science fiction thriller that depicts a futuristic world that has stumbled upon predictive crime fighting. In the movie, three gifted "precogs" are able to see the future and predict violent crimes, allowing law enforcement to stop the act before it even happens. A few twists and turns lead to the program's inevitable failure, but chief among them is this question: how can you punish someone for a crime they did not commit?

Baltimore cop doubts validity of drug charges filed against him

When a 13-year veteran of the Baltimore police force recently appeared in court, he wasn't showing up to provide testimony for the prosecution. Rather, he was escorted into a courtroom in prison garb and led to the defendant's table as the result of the federal drug charges leveled against him.

Alleged Maryland mail thefts could result in federal charges

Authorities in Howard County are currently seeking an individual they claim has committed a series of recent mail thefts. So far, police have connected an individual to at least seven instances of theft that have occurred over the last few months. As law enforcement ramps up their investigation, it is important to know that mail theft is usually considered a federal crime.

Big Bird and company will talk divorce with Maryland kids

With about 40 percent of marriages ending in divorce, many younger children no doubt will have questions about the subject, especially if their parents go through a split. As of 2012, the Maryland divorce rate was relatively low compared to that in other states, but no doubt many young children in this state will also have questions about the subject that divorce lawyers are not in the best position to answer.

What is the purpose of Maryland's traffic cameras?

As readers of this blog likely know, the issue of speed cameras in the Baltimore area has been a frequent topic of discussion. When a person is caught on camera speeding, they are automatically issued a ticket. However, as past cases have shown, these cameras aren't always accurate, which has served as a solid basis for defenses against some traffic citations.

Maryland judge gives custody of embryos to wife

A Maryland family law judge overseeing a couple's divorce has awarded custody of nine frozen embryos to a woman against the wishes of her former husband. Interestingly, the same judge awarded child custody of the parties' three-year-old daughter to the father.

Senator expresses sincere regret after DUI arrest

Coming off the heels of an intense election season, readers in Maryland are acutely aware of the intense scrutiny placed on those running for public office. Public officeholders rely on maintaining a solid reputation, and making one mistake can damage their ability to effectively serve constituents.

Lewis remains a Baltimore legend after defeating murder charges

Over the last couple decades, few athletes have come to define the world of Baltimore sports like Ray Lewis. As the Baltimore Ravens have made a successful run at an NFL playoff bout this season, Lewis' star continues to shine despite the fact that he was staring down serious criminal charges only 13 years ago.

Maryland proposal would bar certain sex offenders from custody

Under current Maryland child custody laws, a parent who sexually abuses a child may still have custody and unrestricted parenting time with his or her children, depending upon what a judge decides. However, under a new proposal, a parent convicted of a certain type of sex offense will not be allowed to have either child custody or unsupervised visits with his or her children.

Would you like fries with those drug charges?

Two young brothers, ages 18 and 20, were recently arrested in Baltimore County on suspicion of drug possession and distribution. Police reported to a McDonald's parking lot in Aberdeen based on complaints that the two men were selling drugs from their vehicle.

Teens await trial for Baltimore County auto theft, break-ins

Facing major criminal charges as a teenager is undoubtedly a scary experience. The thought of having a conviction on your permanent record is something to be concerned about, since it could negatively impact your ability to find work and make a living for many years after a sentence is completed. Three Maryland teenagers are currently at risk of facing these consequences for their alleged role in a series of car break-ins and theft of a vehicle.

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