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November 2012 Archives

Ellicott City teen blamed for party in vacant apartment

This week, it was reported that an Ellicott City teen faces multiple charges after allegedly throwing a party at a vacant apartment. Howard County Police charged the 19-year-old with burglary, possession of marijuana and several other offenses.

16-year-old from Bel Air will be tried as an adult for sexual assault

According to Maryland's Department of Legislative Services, the age of majority in Maryland is 18. This means that "... a person eighteen years of age or more is an adult for all purposes whatsoever and has the same legal capacity, rights, powers, privileges, duties, liabilities, and responsibilities ... and the 'age of majority' is hereby declared to be eighteen years."

Argument turns to assault as boyfriend allegedly shoots girlfriend

It is a truism that guns don't shoot people, people shoot people. However, when there is a gun available when two people are arguing it is possible that one of them will be shot.

Does Maryland discriminate against disabled parents?

Many Maryland parents were born with one type of disability or another. While having a disability does not necessarily make one a bad or incapable parent, a recent study suggests that parents with disabilities receive unequal treatment at the hands of courts; the report suggests further that this is a nationwide problem and that Maryland is not an exception to the rule.

Auto theft charges follow three-car crash in Annapolis

Theft crimes can be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies, depending upon the value of what was taken and other circumstances. Motor vehicle theft is considered a serious crime and can result in up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine, or both, if there is a conviction.

Baltimore drug roundup results in charges against 24

Increasing crime has been an increasing problem in Baltimore of late and the police apparently intend to do something about it. A net was cast wide by the police, in conjunction with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Whether or not the net snagged innocent people remains to be seen.

22-year-old Baltimore man confesses to rape of 13-year-old

In most instances when there is a violent crime or sexual assault that is made public, it is followed by news that the suspect is pleading not guilty. Recently police arrested a 22-year-old Baltimore County man for the abduction and rape of a 13-year-old girl with whom he was previously acquainted according to news reports. The 22-year-old confessed to the rape.

Some Maryland fathers face overwhelming support debt

The private company in charge of child support enforcement in Baltimore has a zero tolerance policy on those fathers who fall behind in their obligation. However, some are now questioning this company's approach to enforcement of child support orders, wondering whether the approach really is in the best interest of both younger dads and their small children.

Technology versus Maryland's traffic cameras

Baltimore and the rest of Maryland has had red light cameras since 1997 and speeding cameras since 2007. It would be a safe bet to say that most drivers don't like them. It would also be a safe bet to say that those in charge of the state's budget like the traffic cameras just fine.

Baltimore teenage boy accused of shooting teenage girlfriend

The age of adulthood in Maryland is 18. If a teenager is convicted of a serious crime such as murder, he or she could spend the good portion of his or her adult life behind bars. When recent scientific studies are telling us that the reasoning portion of the brain doesn't reach maturity until the mid-20s, this may give us cause to reflect.

Potential DUI leads to drug charges for Frederick man

When someone is pulled over in Baltimore or the surrounding area for a traffic violation, the police need additional suspicions or reasons before they can give a chemical breath test or search a car. As we said in an earlier post, due process must be followed.

Baltimore cops accused of assaulting suspect during drug arrest

Due process. It's a concept at the core of criminal law in the United States. Everyone who is accused of a crime, no matter how serious, has a right to due process. That means police officers are legally obliged to follow certain rules pertaining to search and seizure, as well as to the very nuts and bolts of making an arrest. Due process also means that defendants have a right to fight criminal charges in a court of law.

Plea deal keeps basketball star out of Baltimore jail

As a 19-year-old, Aquille Carr has already achieved a certain amount of fame. The Baltimore Sun named him its Boys Athlete of the Week two weeks in a row after he shot 38 points while defending the Class 2A state champions, Baltimore City College. In his freshman year in high school he reportedly averaged 25.5 points, 8.0 assists and 5.3 steals per game.

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