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October 2012 Archives

Baltimore buses better behave better

There are perhaps two points of view on automatic traffic tickets from Baltimore video cameras. One point of view is that it cracks down on scofflaws and keeps our city streets a bit safer. The other point of view is that it is a fund-raising vehicle for cities and counties designed solely for money-making purposes. Whatever your point of view, most people can probably agree that there is one type of driver that none of us want to see breaking traffic laws -- school buses.

Small Maryland town passes ban on synthetic drugs

To the northwest of Baltimore sits the town of Thurmont. Like any other city council, Thurmont's is interested in protecting its citizens' health and safety. And, like many other cities, the city council's actions may sometimes be an overly broad attempt at fixing what it sees as a problem. That certainly appears to be the case in its new ban on Spice and K2, two very popular synthetic drugs.

New Maryland domestic violence laws take effect this month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Possibly to mark this occasion, Maryland has enacted new domestic violence laws. Thanks to this new legislation, Maryland domestic violence lawyers will have some new tools with which to protect victims.

Former Baltimore DJ sentenced for drunk driving conviction

When someone is charged with drunk driving, there can be more than just legal consequences. There can be damage done to relationships, hurt felt by family and professional consequences as well.

Charles County man convicted after drunk driving accident

Maryland has hundreds of miles of shorelines on our ocean seafront and on our lakes and rivers. We're proud of the Annapolis boat show which is a world renown event. With all of that water, and all of those boats, it may come as no surprise that there could be an increased incidence of boating and drinking.

Baltimore man acquitted of murder charge from 2010 death

People who have not had personal experience with court cases or being charged with crimes may not realize one of the bedrock principals of the law: a person who is charged with a crime is considered to be innocent until proven guilty. Of course, most people in Baltimore, Maryland, are familiar with the concept in theory. The right to a trial of one's peers as set forth in American law has been emulated by countless other democracies around the world.

Violent crime weekend shakes up Baltimore

It may be hard for anyone to read the newspaper or watch the television news in Baltimore and not come to the conclusion that there is a significant amount of violent crime in Baltimore. Some feel that the media tends to report bad news rather than good news, but even so, the events of last weekend might give one pause.

Divorcing couples value judge's fairness in court

A retired Ann Arundel County judge passed away recently, seemingly very well respected by both his professional colleagues and the people who presented their cases before him. Like many judges, he handles a variety of cases while he served on the bench. He was soft-spoken and had a very even temperament, but he balanced this out with a keen intellect and a very direct way of speaking to people.

Baltimore man charged with assault and weapon violations

One of the negative aspects of a criminal conviction in Baltimore is that any future arrests may carry enhanced consequences. This holds true for drunk driving, sex crimes and other types of criminal charges.

Maryland officials offered father custody of slain child

Maryland social workers had called the father of an infant boy shortly after the child was born to see if the man could assume custody. Sadly, he was not in a position to do so at the time of the request. However, once his situation had improved, he initiated a child custody fight with the boy's mother, now accused of killing the child. Apparently, the mother also attempted to take her own life at the time of the child's death.

Drug gang arrests -- Part Two

In our last post we mentioned that law enforcement is cracking down on drug crimes in Baltimore and that a mother and son in an alleged drug gang are facing charges of drug racketeering. In a separate and apparently unrelated series of drug arrests, 21 individuals have been arrested by a Hartford County task force.

Drug gang arrests -- Part One

The Baltimore police have been very busy. Through the use of wire taps, undercover police officers, surveillance and other traditional police methods, they have been attempting to stem the tide of drug activity churning within Baltimore and nearby communities. In actions that are perhaps related, there have been two groups of arrests recently that are related to drugs and gang activity.

Teens killing teens in Baltimore: a 19-year-old is charged

It has been widely reported that the human brain is still developing until a person reaches their mid-twenties. A recent murder in Baltimore City may cause us to reflect on that brain development, and if it is possible for teenagers to truly understand the lifelong consequences of their actions.

23-year-old Owings Mills man charged with child sex abuse

In Baltimore County as in any other courtroom, both the prosecution and the criminal defense of child sexual abuse charges can be difficult. In most cases there are only two people who know what may, or may not, have happened. An adolescent witness or victim of a crime may not be reliable or have a clear understanding of events.

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