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September 2012 Archives

Near overdose of 5-year-old results in drug charges for parents

It is not uncommon for one criminal charge to snowball into other criminal charges. It is also not uncommon for the prosecution to charge as many crimes as possible, in the hopes that one, two or three of them might stick.

Judge retiring after criticism over protective order hearing

A Baltimore County judge informed the Governor recently that he intends to retire this October amid an ongoing investigation as to how he handled a domestic violence case. Reportedly, when a woman came to his court seeking a temporary protective order, he questioned her for about 30 minutes. Some of the judge's questions implied that the woman was at fault for her husband's abuse and she stayed in an abusive relationship with him for financial reasons.

Maryland defers to child custody orders from foreign courts

A plank in the Republican Party's recently adopted platform has caused at least one commentator to question the wisdom of a Maryland Court of Special Appeals' decision that has now been on the books for over 10 years. The Republican Party platform cautions courts in the United States not to apply foreign codes of law when making decisions. One such foreign code of law is Sharia, the code of law used by some groups of observant Muslims.

Police officer gets community service for DUI

Police officers can sometimes be treated differently in the eyes of the law. If someone shoots a police officer for example, the person accused of the shooting can expect harsh treatment. Conversely, a police officer accused of a crime may on occasion be viewed more leniently compared to a person with an existing criminal record.

Routine traffic stop results in theft charges

It is not an uncommon occurrence for a routine traffic stop in Baltimore to result in criminal charges totally unrelated to the original traffic stop. A burned out taillight can turn into a drunk driving arrest. An expired license plate tab can become a drug charge. Or a speeding ticket can have driving with a suspended license tacked on.

More cameras net more traffic violators, Baltimore study says

For most of us in Baltimore, a traffic violation may seem relatively minor in comparison to a drunk driving ticket. However, traffic violations can increase your auto insurance rate, put points on your driving record and in some cases could cost you your job. Plus, they cost money.

Hostile divorces may contribute to children's poor behavior

The 15-year-old student who recently brought an antique shotgun to his Maryland school and shot a fellow student had earlier in his life experienced a hostile divorce between his mother and father. The boy critically wounded a developmentally disabled student when he fired indiscriminately in the school's cafeteria. A bond hearing for the teenager was postponed because he is currently undergoing an assessment at a psychiatric hospital.

43-year-old Baltimore man charged with identity theft

Some crimes do not have a witness who can testify that a crime was committed. In Baltimore or elsewhere, it is possible to file criminal charges against a person with nothing more than circumstantial evidence. That is often the case with identity theft. The victim may not even know that he or she is a victim until weeks or months after the alleged crime took place.

25-year-old charged with murder of Maryland security guard

Anyone in Baltimore who has been to a popular nightclub has probably seen at least one -- the muscular security guards who stand ready to break up any drunken bar fights. They might be body builders, or off-duty police officers or simply the high school gym teacher moonlighting for extra cash.

Maryland juveniles increasingly charged as adults

In our post last week our Baltimore readers were told the story of the bullied 15-year-old who brought a shotgun to school. The shotgun went off due to circumstances that are being debated, and one fellow Perry Hall High School student was critically injured.

Maryland state agency steps up support collection

After losing some of its funding following a state audit, Maryland's Department of Human Resources has stepped up its child support enforcement efforts. The audit found that the Department had not used all available means to collect child support, an error the Department is now hard at work to correct.

Maryland foster system: Adoptive parents, mentors sought for teenagers

Of the over 8,000 kids in Maryland's foster care system, around half are over 14, with more than a quarter older than 17. When young adults in foster care reach 21, they no longer qualify for the practical and financial support that the system offers. Unfortunately, because of their advanced ages, a foster teenager's adoption is less likely than that of a younger child.

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