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August 2012 Archives

Bullied teenager opens fire in Maryland school

Any teacher in Baltimore understands that the early teenage years are a difficult transition time for their students. They are not yet young adults, but are no longer children. Their hormones are just kicking in and their insecurities fight with their bravado on a daily basis. Not every teenager comes through this transition period unscathed.

Baltimore man accused of theft across the Mason-Dixon Line

According to the history books, the Mason-Dixon Line was surveyed between 1763 and 1767 and marked the border between Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and West Virginia. A tiny community called State Line lies on the Pennsylvania side of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Will more liberal gambling in Maryland affect divorce rates?

The Maryland General Assembly recently passed a proposal that will allow investors to build another casino in Prince George's County, a short distance from the Washington metro area. Maryland divorce attorneys are taking note because they recognize that this may lead to more gambling, and more gambling may result in more troubled marriages.

Murder trial in jury deliberations, Baltimore residence is key

A murder trial is underway in which a jury will decide the fate of a 36-year-old man. The trial is in Sullivan County in Tennessee. The double murder took place in Kingsport. The accused man claims he was in Baltimore at the time of the murders. The man's fate is currently in the jury's hands.

Baltimore firefighter faces criminal charges, job consequences

Our Baltimore readers may think that a criminal charge is a terrible thing, which it is. However, in addition to a criminal charge, some people are also faced with the loss of their job. A convicted drunk driver can lose a commercial driver's license and thereby a job driving a truck. A bartender can lose his or her job for selling alcohol to minors. A store clerk can lose a job for selling cigarettes to minors. And a firefighter can lose his or her job for a suspended sentence of solicitation.

Colombian children visit Maryland seeking homes, families

Several orphaned children from Columbia visited families in Maryland last month. While the children in all likelihood thought their extended visit to the United States was a vacation, in reality the purpose was to find them permanent adoptive homes. At least one host family had already adopted an orphan child from Colombia but seemed open to going through the process again.

Howard County police kill suspect, no gun recovered

A Baltimore City man was killed by Howard County police after the man allegedly threatened to kill the officers. The man was killed instead, although no gun was found near the Baltimore City man. It seems as though somehow this situation went terribly wrong.

Nursing home owner faces criminal charges for patient injury

Harry Truman was quoted as saying, "The buck stops here." We assume he meant that he would take responsibility for anything that happened during his presidency. Apparently the Baltimore police department believes in that motto as well and has charged the owner of an assisted living facility with reckless endangerment and abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult.

Domestic violence in affluent Maryland neighborhood

A serious domestic incident with tragic consequences shocked a quiet and affluent neighborhood in Maryland. The father of one of the families living in that subdivision, with its large homes and spacious yards, took his own life after killing his estranged wife and one of their children. His older son was seriously injured. The police discovered the scene after responding to an anonymous tip about a domestic disturbance in the family's home.

Baltimore DJ must face the music to address DUI charge

Heavy fines, loss of license, jail time and increased insurance rates...yikes! These are the potential consequences that one Baltimore DJ could be facing in the wake of his drunk driving charges after an incident that occurred a few weeks ago.

Drunk driving laws get stricter in Washington, D.C.

People in Baltimore and throughout other parts of Maryland will routinely have reason to travel into Washington, D.C. It's important, therefore, for residents in the nearby areas to understand the drunk driving laws of where they may be driving.

Maryland gun law changes hit 11th-hour snag

The second amendment has long been up for debate, but still the right to bear arms remains firmly rooted in American history. Gun laws vary from state to state, and a gun law in Maryland was about to loosen recently when the U.S 4th Circuit Court of Appeals put the change on hold.

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