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June 2012 Archives

Woman's defense in robbery leads to Maryland gun law debate

Craigslist is a common meeting ground for people looking to do business. Earlier this week, a Maryland couple turned to the web source in the hopes of buying a used car. They arranged a meeting with the supposed sellers of the vehicle, with money ready to trade. Based on reports from the incident, the supposed sellers of the vehicle didn't really have a trade in mind.

Teen's alleged theft of sports car leads to more severe charges

It can be difficult to understand how the criminal justice system works. Sometimes, prosecutors and/or judges will also take liberties when handling criminal cases, making some aspects even more confusing. In the out-of-state case of a 17-year-old who is accused of the theft of a celebrity's sports car, the mere theft charge has escalated to more, for reasons that the defense disagrees with.

Ex-NFL player blames DUI charge on dementia and faulty test

It's not uncommon to hear that an athlete or former athlete is arrested for driving under the influence. While many may be fascinated by watching the mighty fall it's possible that much of the impairment is not their fault. Recently, a former NFL player was arrested on DUI charges. He played in the late 60s and 70s, a time when helmet regulation was less stringent as it is currently. Due to brain injuries sustained on the football field, many other players have experienced some dementia symptoms that can impair driving. While the former player admits to drinking on the day of his arrest, he believes it is the injury resulting from his football career, not the alcohol that is responsible for any impairment he had on the road.

Some violent crime, including murder, is down in Baltimore

Despite the constant stories in the media and lawmakers discussion regarding violence in Baltimore, there is actually some good news. Baltimore isn't the violent place that it has been in the past. It is no longer a member of the top-five list of U.S. cities with the highest rates of murder.

A tortoise divorce

Humans aren't the only ones who decide to move on after years of marriage. Two tortoises in Austria have decided to call it quits after being partners for 115 years.

Was dad's rage against alleged child predator a violent crime?

Upon becoming a parent, there are feelings that most develop toward their kids and with regards to protecting them that they couldn't have imagined before. Parents want to provide their kids with a safe environment, including the proper food, clothing, home, school and more. Parents want to protect their kids from the dangers of the world.

Former teen star turns to president for DUI help, unsuccessfully

Who would you turn to if you were arrested and accused of driving drunk? A logical person would likely think to turn to a trusted criminal defense attorney with experience fighting DUIs in their area. Also, a defendant might seek the advice and support from their family members and friends.

Baltimore weapons convictions leading to harsher prison sentences

The fight against violence in Baltimore is a common political focal point. Lately, the focus has been on violence among youth. Numbers now show that the criminal justice system has intensified its castigation against defendants arrested for gun charges in Baltimore.

Maryland assault suspect murders fellow student while on bail

When assault happens, there is a lot of attention and sympathy directed toward the victim. While this focus is definitely warranted, it's important that the accused be properly considered as well. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen the way it should. In one Maryland case, a university student on bail for an assault and in the process of facing expulsion was later accused of murdering another student and eating his heart. Clearly, the crime is gruesome. But it brings to mind a question that too often isn't properly considered. "Why would someone do something like this?"

Maryland man sentenced for drug possession and DUI

In April 2011, a police officer noticed cars on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway slowing down and swerving out of the right lane to avoid hitting something. As the officer got closer, he discovered a vehicle stopped in the right lane with the driver asleep behind the wheel.

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