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April 2012 Archives

Alleged teen victim feels pressure in local assault case, part 2

Our previous post left off asking a criminal process question. If the supposed victim in a criminal assault case doesn't want the case to continue, then why does a trial go on? The reality is that criminal charges such as assault result from a government investigation, not necessarily because a victim wants to take the fight to court.

Alleged teen victim feels pressure in local assault case, part 1

The realities of the legal system can seem harsh at times. That point is obvious for criminal defendants but also true at times for supposed crime victims. This is one of two posts about a Baltimore assault case that is drawing intense local attention.

Baltimore cases tied up with Supreme Court strip search ruling

Getting arrested is a stressful experience for almost anyone no matter what. Whether a person committed a crime or didn't, is young or old or has been arrested before, an arrest has a significant impact on one's life.

Two men face charges in alleged Baltimore assault

Criminal charges can often ruin a person's reputation. When these charges include accusations of a violent crime in Baltimore, the penalty if convicted can be severe, so it is important to form a rigorous criminal defense. If someone is arrested for assault, they may want to speak with a criminal defense attorney.

Doubt over identity of driver in hit-and-run leads to acquittal

It is natural for the family of accident victims and for much of the public to get emotional about homicide cases, especially involving teens. But the criminal process is not about emotion; rather, it's about seeking and protecting justice.

Trayvon Martin case leads to hasty hate crime theory in Baltimore

The homicide of teenager Trayvon Martin might not be a local case, but the matter has reached the national levels of attention and uproar. The black teenager was shot by a Hispanic shooter, who claims that he acted in self-defense according to Florida law.

Could upping price of cigars in Maryland decrease marijuana use?

Despite the fight within Maryland to legalize medical marijuana (and some marijuana advocates' intentions to legalize the drug entirely), marijuana remains an illegal substance in the state as well as according to federal law. State lawmakers suggest that a tax hike on tobacco cigars might help decrease teen use of marijuana in Maryland.

National plan would make theft of cellphones worthless crime

Did you know that cellphones are popularly stolen throughout the country? About one-third of theft in the country involves a cellphone. Cellphone theft has gone up in popularity as the use of cellphones themselves has increased in popularity.

Dementia leads to death, protects man from violent crime charge

Many of us who are watching our parents and other loved ones grow older know how difficult it can be to witness the aging process. An emotionally taxing aspect of the aging process is the loss of mental capacities. A loved one is unable to remember the big news from last week or keep the names of family members straight. It is a sad and frustrating loss for all involved.

How a Baltimore pizza shop helped clear an innocent man

In yet another example of eyewitness unreliability, the Baltimore police arrested two innocent men for armed robbery that had solid alibis but had been identified as the perpetrators by their supposed victims. The young men insisted that they had a solid alibi, and later produced video evidence proving it.

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