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March 2012 Archives

Young Hefner agrees to plea in domestic violence case

Over one month ago, celebrity businessman Hugh Hefner's adult son, Marston Hefner, was arrested for domestic violence. He was dating a Playmate of the Year, but their relationship allegedly ended violently and with Marston, 21, facing a toll on his future.

Hope and effort to legalize medical marijuana continue in Maryland

It will come up and get rejected, but it will always rise again -- the effort to make the use of medical marijuana legal in Maryland. Some states already have laws that allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes. If Maryland were to adopt legalization laws, it would be added to the list of 16 states and the District of Columbia that have done so.

Frequently asked questions: Filing for divorce

In this blog post, we will address some of the general questions people have about the Maryland divorce process. Please keep in mind that every divorce is unique and many of the answers to these questions will vary depending on the facts of your divorce.

Beer and baseball reserved for fans, not the players

There's nothing quite like attending a baseball game and sipping on your favorite beer between taking bites of a steaming hot dog. Beer and baseball is a natural pairing for many fans. But did you know that many of the players themselves can only enjoy a drink after they leave the ballpark?

Speed camera proposal sparks further ethics debate in Maryland

In a previous post about speed cameras in Maryland, we mentioned that there was a proposal to amend the laws regarding the use of cameras in construction zones. The cameras were generating money from tickets that were issued at times when no construction workers were at work within the zones. Some argued that the cameras should only function during construction hours.

Bill would improve Maryland domestic violence protection orders

A recent article in the Baltimore Sun discussed the need for greater domestic violence protections. The article cites a case where a Hagerstown resident was abused, and then murdered, by her ex-boyfriend. After the initial abuse, she had written an appeal asking for a protective order from the court. Unfortunately, that protection was denied because she was not married and did not live with her abuser.

Boys and girls treated differently in Maryland's justice system

The fight for gender equality isn't a new one. But it is something that most don't grapple with until they are adults. A recent Baltimore Sun report indicates, however, that gender equality is a needed focus with regards to juvenile justice in Maryland.

Divorce and technology, part one: Online coparenting services

From social media to Skype and online coparenting services, technology is hitting the courtroom like never before. Over the next few blogs, we will discuss the interplay of divorce and technology. Today, we will discuss online coparenting, a technology that judges have started to order in Maryland child custody and divorce cases.

Traffic safety advocates push harsh DUI law countrywide

States handle their DUI cases differently with regards to sentencing. Judges from state to state have the ability to look at drunk driving cases individually and create a sentence that they believe fits the crime. Creating a national DUI law would take away judges' evaluation processes in DUI cases.

14 individuals charged in a massive drug scheme

Maryland has severe consequences for criminal drug convictions. Many sentences involve hefty fines and lengthy jail time. Recently, prosecutors filed charges against 14 people for an alleged drug distribution network, which involved purchasing cocaine in Baltimore, Maryland, for resale in Altoona, Pennsylvania. If convicted, the individuals stand to lose a lot.

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