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February 2012 Archives

Maryland man jailed for alleged role in Baltimore shooting

Detectives with the Baltimore Police reportedly traveled across the state and arrested a man at a traffic stop, claiming he was involved in a shooting in Baltimore earlier this month. The man was jailed without bond and is facing a slew of serious charges, including attempted first and second-degree murder, first and second-degree assault and conspiracy, among other charges.

Is drinking culture reason behind violent crimes?

Statistics posted by The Baltimore Sun show that 3.36 million college students drive under the influence of alcohol each year. The statistics also show that 1,825 college-age students are killed from injuries related to alcohol, including car crashes. Yet, the number of college students who qualify for an alcohol abuse diagnosis is 31 percent. In a high-profile case, one male college student is on trial for the murder of a female college student. Both students had reportedly been drinking heavily. The male college student had been arrested twice for alcohol-related actions. One of those involved violence and happened when the man was in his early 20s. In this incident, he admitted to "at least" 15 drinks, but friends say he most likely had more.

Maryland man charged with assaulting groom in road rage spat

Most drivers have likely been in a situation while driving when they have wanted to send the driver by them a strong message. Of course, that message should not turn harsher than a potentially inappropriate gesture or laying on the horn.

Former Ravens player arrested for driving with suspended license

Jermaine Lewis, a former Ravens player who helped his team clinch a Super Bowl victory over a decade ago, was arrested again in Baltimore County, this time for allegedly driving on a suspended license.

Speeding cameras in Maryland work zones make money, ignite debate

Laws regarding traffic safety have a tendency to spark debate among a community. While most understand the importance of responsible driving, they worry that expanding traffic laws creates a sort of nanny state, where citizens' abilities to make sound decisions are ignored.

The right to remain silent can invalidate confessions

Whenever someone is arrested and charged with a crime, that person has the right to remain silent. If the person chooses to exercise that right, the police or other investigators are not allowed to continue to harass that person to talk. In situations where authorities ignore this right and invoke a confession or evidence against the person, it can be barred from court.

Maryland man sentenced to 14 years for drug trafficking

Drug crimes can have very serious consequences. Fines and jail time are the most prevalent penalties for a conviction. For this reason, it is extremely important that you understand your rights if you are confronted with drug charges. In a recent story, a Maryland man faces a hefty sentence for his drug-related activities.

Teen arrested in connection with fatal shooting

A teen who was involved in a Baltimore youth program stands accused of being involved in a shooting which killed one of the program's mentors. Authorities have charged the 19-year-old with first-degree murder and attempted murder. The mentor and a 31-year-old man were shot on Wednesday in a car. Prosecutors allege that the shooting happened during an argument and that the teen was in the back of the car when the argument happened.

Assault and robbery charges dropped against Baltimore man

A couple of days made a lot of difference for a 23-year-old Baltimore man who wound up in the criminal justice system. He was arrested last week for suspicion of armed robbery and more but had the various charges dismissed when questions of sufficient evidence arose.

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