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January 2012 Archives

Out-of-state handling of DUI cases sparks constitutional concern

States generally handle drunk driving in their own ways. It's rare, therefore, that we would write about drunk driving out of state since Maryland DUI laws differ than laws in other states. But a recent report regarding the handling of some drunk driving cases in Pennsylvania is notable enough to discuss on the national level.

Maryland theft charge leads to hit-and-run charge, too

A Maryland man is feeling the loss of a lifetime of collecting, as well as the loss of a man whom he thought was his friend. That "friend" is facing not one but two accusations of crime. This all reportedly started with an extensive Civil War memorabilia collection, a collection worth an estimated $68,000.

Supreme Court makes decision related to Maryland drug case

Back in September, we shared a drug crime post involving a Maryland drug case that made it to the Supreme Court. The central controversy of the drug case was whether police have the constitutional right to track suspects using a GPS device before getting a warrant.

New suspect identified in decade-old Baltimore murder case

It's hard to imagine. That boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse sitting next to you, the person you likely love the most in this world and would give anything for, could fall victim to a violent crime some day. It's a terrifying thought. But what makes it an even more terrifying thought is that you would likely become the prime suspect if your significant other were to be murdered.

Toying around gets two, including teen, charged with assault

Have you ever done something that you thought was funny in the moment only to realize later that maybe the joke went a bit too far? It's not an uncommon occurrence among children and teenagers. A teenager in Maryland is facing a pretty harsh reality following what he likely thought was a mere gag.

Public cynicism of traffic stops confirmed by one DUI case

There are many police officers whose work is incredibly admirable. They are out to help the public and serve the community. Despite that reality, the public does have a right to its doubt that some law enforcement efforts are not wholly ethical.

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