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December 2011 Archives

Maryland builder free of theft charges related to construction

These are difficult economic times. They have been for years now at this point, largely related to the real estate market. When a family decides to build a home, it is a big, emotional and expensive deal. Giving money over to someone to begin that building can feel like a big risk.

Presidential pardon research shows racial imbalance

A study of presidential pardons granted over the last ten years shows that whites are almost four times more likely to be pardoned of a criminal conviction than minorities. According to the study, blacks are least likely to receive a pardon.

Grandmother hurt by 14-year-old grandson dies from injuries

Back in April and in August, we shared some posts about an assault case involving a young boy and his 67-year-old grandmother. In March, Baltimore police got a call from the 14-year-old saying that he had hurt his grandmother. When police arrived, the grandmother was bloody and on the floor.

Will NTSB's proposed ban make Maryland driving laws stricter?

Compared to other states in the U.S., Maryland has relatively strict traffic laws related to distracted driving. But if the National Transportation Safety Board has its way, the traffic laws here would become even stricter. Even using a hands-free cell phone device would be a traffic violation.

Maryland lawmakers target new kind of theft: mob theft

In a prior post, we discussed a somewhat unique Maryland theft case that made the headlines throughout the U.S. Many of us have heard of flash mobs. It's when a group of people all plan to be at one place at one time and then begin a synchronized dance in a public place. A traditional flash mob, therefore, is pretty harmless.

Speeding cameras spread through Baltimore County

A traffic ticket can sound like minor trouble in a person's day, but when they add up, traffic citations can make an impact on a person's life and wallet. Because that potential impact is there, it's important for a community to look at how traffic tickets for speeding or other traffic violations are issued.

Does DUI prevention begin with teens?

For some teens and young adults the words "no" and "danger" are a challenge to understand. If an authority figure tells them they can't do something and gives no room for argument, they want to take that risk even more. For decades, scare tactics like alarming statistics of teen deaths or life-changing injuries after a DUI have not been enough to keep drivers from driving drunk.

Change in drug sentencing helps out Maryland inmates

Back in 1980's, a basketball star for the University of Maryland died of a crack overdose. Sources suspect that that high-profile death of a promising young athlete prompted a large movement regarding drug laws and sentencing. That movement, however, has supposedly met its end.

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