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October 2011 Archives

Phone app can help drivers work with distracted driving laws

Over the past few years, cell phones have become at least as popular as cars in this country. And that is where the problem has presented itself. Distracted driving has become a common factor behind car accidents, or at least a factor that has become the center of spreading traffic laws in Maryland and the rest of the U.S.

A new drug could now get you in trouble with Maryland law

If you were to hear, "Pass the salt," you would probably envision a dinner table, a family and a salt shaker being passed across the place settings. But salt has taken on a new meaning. More specifically, "bath salt" has taken on a new meaning, as we discussed in a previous drug laws post.

Former MLB hopeful blames corrupt officer for missed dream

Imagine being in your senior year of college as a talented baseball player. Major League Baseball recruiters have come to see you play, and teams such as the Baltimore Orioles and the Colorado Rockies are seriously looking at adding you to their professional teams. It's a hardworking baseball player's biggest dream.

Are Maryland's distracted driving laws enough or too much?

Over the past couple of years in Maryland, drivers have had to learn new traffic rules in order to avoid fines. In states across the country, distracted driving has been a big focus in the minds of safety officials and lawmakers. Traffic laws have changed here and throughout the U.S, making it difficult sometimes for drivers to keep up.

Baltimore County store became hazmat scene after alleged assault

Issues involving family or romantic relationships can often be very emotional and lead to heated disputes. A dispute between two women who have kids from the same father reportedly broke out in a Baltimore County Wal-Mart Supercenter last weekend.

Murder conviction reversed, DNA evidence discredited

Amanda Knox, the 24-year-old American who had been held in an Italian prison for four years on charges of violent crimes and murder has had her conviction overturned by an appellate court. She is finally free to return home to the United States.

Employees of Maryland prison face prison time for alleged assault

Sometimes life can surprise us, especially when it comes to the law and who is supposedly breaking it. According to recent news reports, two Maryland employees who are responsible for making sure inmates are in line may have fallen out of line with the law themselves.

Maryland employee pleads guilty to National Archives theft

If you were to sell a voice recording of Babe Ruth on eBay, how much do you think it would go for? According to a CNN report about a Maryland theft case, the recording might not go for as much as you think. When a former government worker allegedly tried to sell the recording, bids didn't even get a chance to hit the $40 mark.

Residents in Baltimore neighborhood are sick of traffic tickets

There's something special about older neighborhoods, especially when families have lived in those neighborhoods for decades. We all know that a home is more than a place over your head; it's a source of security. When you are home, you are safe and sound.

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