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August 2011 Archives

Various suspects 'flash rob' Maryland store

Oh, the days of social media. Social forums allow us to stay connected to our loved ones who might live across the country. They let us share our lives with the people we care about. They let us maintain friendships in a way that doesn't make our already busy lives busier. Social media is a blessing, for the most part.

Judge gives boy another chance after his attack on grandmother

In April, we shared a post about a tragic violent offense committed by a young, 14-year-old boy. The Baltimore Sun had reported that the young man admitted to assaulting his elderly grandmother with a hammer. She barely survived the severe assault, a point that left some worried that the young suspect wouldn't get the treatment he needed from the legal system.

ACLU uses Baltimore case to fight against police malpractice

An incident that took place at Preakness last year called into question the rights of citizens to film police while they are carrying out law enforcement duties. The incident in question began when a woman allegedly engaged in a physical altercation with another spectator at the event. According to the Baltimore police, the woman resisted arrest and one of the officers punched her in the face in order to subdue her. She was later charged with assault.

Baltimore star of 'The Wire' settles drug charges with guilty plea

Sometimes, criminal cases do not turn out the way that you might think they would. For example, a few months back, we added posts about the drug charges against "The Wire" star Felicia "Snoop" Pearson. Based on past news reports, we indicated that Pearson was planning to plead not guilty and fight the heroin-related charges she was facing.

Recent armed robbery puts teens in line of adult punishment

Do you remember your teenhood? Looking back on that time as an adult, it can be startling to recall how irresponsible or recklessly you may have acted. You might not have broken the law, but it is not uncommon for all teens to have done things in their young lives that they question when they grow up.

Prescription drug crimes call for new prevention prescription

When discussing drug crimes, it is natural to assume that the drugs to talk about are marijuana, cocaine or heroin. This is a different generation of drug addiction and crime in the country, however, and those drugs are not the root of all drug problems.

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