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July 2011 Archives

Theft duo in historical memorabilia case to be handled by feds

On Jul. 15, we wrote a post about a big theft case that's come out of Maryland. An old collector and a young historian apparently worked together to compile what authorities are calling a "breathtaking" collection of stolen historical memorabilia.

Already talk of harshening Maryland's fall DUI law change

Shouldn't a law officially have taken effect before people begin talking about how to further change it? Laws are not just words; they significantly affect people's lives, their futures and their families. Before making legislative changes, determining the effectiveness of a current law is crucial.

Baltimore mayoral candidate wants to tax bullets to reduce crime

Different government officials have different ideas about how to improve their communities. Voters often look at how a governmental candidate plans to target crime in their state or city. A Baltimore mayoral candidate has a unique idea about how to reduce violent crime in the city. His idea: a bullet tax.

Baltimore man accused of car theft to be mentally evaluated

For many, simply classifying someone as a criminal is the easiest way to make sense of and move on from the tragedy of a suspected crime. Sometimes, however, someone who has done something illegal might not simply be a criminal. He or she might be mentally ill.

Historian charged with theft from Maryland Historical Society

A Presidential historian and a 24-year-old collector of historical artifacts, have been accused of the theft of millions of dollars' worth of valuable historical documents from the Maryland Historical Society, including documents signed by Abraham Lincoln.

Georgetown star charged with seven traffic violations, DUI

Whenever someone faces charges of drinking and driving, that person's future is put on the line. This is especially true for people who are in the spotlight because this kind of criminal charge often leads to negative media attention.

NFL star and reality show winner Hines Ward denies driving drunk

Of the many things that can be learned from this criminal defense blog, one of those lessons is that professional athletes often wind up in the news. Whether they are law enforcement targets or actually causing more trouble is up for debate.

Fireworks and violence erupt at Baltimore's holiday celebration

This past weekend is a weekend that creates positive memories for many families every year. Independence Day celebrations are a time to celebrate not only one's country but one's family, while attending a local fireworks show.

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