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June 2011 Archives

Drug and firearms charges brought against Maryland men

Drug charges usually follow an extensive and long-term investigation by several different law enforcement officials. Typically, these agencies will build a case with evidence they have compiled through joint efforts over a long period of time. In such cases, it may appear that they have a strong case to prosecute people that they have arrested on drug trafficking charges.

Tool meant to catch car thieves in Baltimore sparks concern

Just as the average person depends on technological advances more and more in his or her everyday life, so does law enforcement. There are constantly new gadgets that are meant to help serve and protect the community.

Ex-Baltimore officer has unique idea about winning war on drugs

Last Tuesday in Washington, D.C., an event was held that marked the 40th anniversary of the U.S.' war on drugs. Rather than that meeting being a celebration, it seems to have served as a platform for at least one critic of the program who believes that the war on drugs has been an utter failure.

Maryland debates making 'bath salts' illegal drug

When you hear the term "bath salts," you probably think of a spa product and a nice warm tub. As we should have all learned by now, however, the world is not such a simple and innocent place, and even "bath salts" now might not be what they seem.

Baltimore accident gives new meaning to "crash course" in driving

We have seen it before in movies, but very few of us have ever lived it. A crash into a body of water. It evokes internal terror. Would you be able to get out of the car? What do you do? And what happens to your vehicle afterward?

Maryland assault case complicated by same-sex marriage debate

Spousal privilege is a legal term referring to a rule that prohibits the court from requiring one spouse to testify against the other. The idea behind this rule of law is that spouses should be able to confide in one another without the courts interfering with the bonds of marriage, even in cases where one spouse relays information that is potentially incriminating or allegedly commits assault against the other spouse.

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