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May 2011 Archives

Man's false Baltimore drug arrest deemed unwarranted by court

This is the United States, and though sometimes the legal system doesn't always work the way we think it should, we are still owed an extensive amount of rights as American citizens. For example, we can't be arrested without just cause and, therefore, should be able to feel protected in our homes.

'The Wire' star pleads not guilty to drug charges in Baltimore court

Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, a woman known for her role on the HBO series "The Wire" recently pleaded not guilty at her arraignment earlier this month. She was originally arrested on conspiracy and drug charges back in March in conjunction with a sting operation put together by state and federal law enforcement officials. The undercover operation termed "Operation Usual Suspects" by law enforcement, resulted in the arrest of more than 60 people. The police accused Pearson of providing financial support to a criminal organization that sold numerous types of drugs, including heroin and marijuana, throughout the greater Baltimore area. Originally, the court refused to release Pearson on bail; however, the judge later agreed to release her on a $50,000 bond so that she could continue working on a film.

Baltimore Ravens player given a break with DUI sentence

Often times in criminal cases involving high-profile defendants, the public and the legal system can be relatively tough on a suspect in order to try to make an example out of him or her. Fortunately for Baltimore Ravens linebacker Sergio Kindle, a judge was able to see the defendant based on his individual circumstance.

Husband found guilty of wife's Baltimore murder is sentenced

A court battle over the 2008 murder of a woman by her community activist husband has come to an end. Months ago we wrote a post about this criminal case in which a Maryland man was found guilty of first-degree murder. Now, a Baltimore judge has sentenced the 35-year-old defendant (a community activist and husband of the murder victim) to life in prison. As the Baltimore Sun points out in its recent coverage, the case is a tragic example of how a violent crime can tear apart a family. The man convicted of killing his wife leaves behind three young children, who now are missing their mother and father.

Maryland law will increase penalties after fatal bike crashes

Knowing the laws of Maryland is important because that knowledge can save you from getting into legal trouble. Also, knowledge is power when you are faced with a legal dilemma. Accidents happen to everyone, specifically traffic accidents since almost all of us drive every day.

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