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April 2011 Archives

Out on bail pending appeal, Lohan pleads not guilty to theft

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to the legal limelight. Her most recent trouble involves a jewelry boutique rather than drugs or alcohol. Allegedly, Lohan walked off with a $2,500 piece of the boutique's jewelry. The former teen queen was charged with felony grand theft, a charge that the star unsurprisingly denies.

Baltimore assault case could be treated as hate crime

Within the legal system, labeling certain offenses as hate crimes is a relatively new reality in some states. Maryland has pretty extensive legislation regarding hate crimes, a reality that could mean big trouble for two young defendants accused of assaulting a transgender woman at a Baltimore McDonald's.

Officer arrested for alleged violent attack outside Baltimore bar

A 23-year-old Howard County police officer has been arrested following an allegedly violent attack on another officer in the city's nightlife district. According to, the probationary officer is accused of assault on a female officer during an arrest outside of the establishment.

Effort to decriminalize medical marijuana in Maryland on hold

Supporters of legalizing medical marijuana are in a waiting game now. Maryland's legislative session ended last week without the lawmakers having decided on a proposal to decriminalize the medicinal use of the drug.

Elderly driver cited for traffic violations after Maryland crash

When we envision someone who has caused a serious traffic accident, we usually don't think of an 83-year-old woman who has donated money to various reputable organizations. But as a recent case involving a bike accident proves, all types of people make mistakes and can be cited for serious traffic violations.

Baltimore police arrest child following assault on his grandmother

Authorities are looking into a bizarre and tragic event in the lives of a young man, his grandmother and their otherwise peaceful community. Allegedly, a mere 14-year-old nearly ended his grandmother's life when he hit her with a hammer in their home. The Baltimore Sun reports that the young man made the 911 call and confessed to the assault. Police continue to investigate the startling case.

Maryland officials target prescription drug crimes and abuse

When most think about a drug crime, they think of a case involving marijuana, cocaine or another illegal substance. Today, however, there is a growing trend regarding drug abuse. According to The Baltimore Sun, more and more people are abusing prescription drugs - and abusing the system that lets them get their hands on such drugs.

Lawmakers crafting ignition interlock rules for Maryland DUIs

The ignition interlock device is designed to prevent drivers who have been drinking from starting their cars. The driver must blow into a tube that leads to the hand-held device which calculates the driver's blood alcohol content. A raised level disables the car's ignition.The Maryland legislature is currently debating mandatory installation of these devices for certain DUI offenders in the state. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) endorses this type of effort, and a strong version of it.

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