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March 2011 Archives

Glen Burnie star athlete saved from assault and theft charges

High school is a rough time for most students. There are so many changes going on and around the corner in students' lives. For some, the pressure of it all, including school athletics, can lead to acting out. A criminal charge and conviction can be a severe threat to a promising teen's future.

Maryland man convicted of drug trafficking charges

A Maryland man will be sentenced to prison time for his alleged role in the drug trafficking ring. Gettysburg Times reports that the man will be sentenced to up to two years in state prison for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

Harsh Maryland cell phone law would threaten freedom and work

The Maryland House of Delegates recently voted on a piece of legislation that would make talking on a cell phone while driving a primary offense throughout the state. Currently, the use of a cell phone while driving is a secondary offense in Baltimore.

From "Pawn Stars" to bar brawl, star is accused of assault

The Baltimore Sun reported on Monday that a star from the hit TV program "Pawn Stars" is involved in an assault case. The report states that a bar fight broke out in an out-of-state location on Sunday, and Corey Harrison, 27, is being named as the suspected aggressor.

Smoking ban could spread into Maryland vehicles with kids

Many critics call places with over-reaching government authority "nanny states." Some worry that the state is moving more in that direction, and a new legislative proposal seeking to create a new Maryland crime supports that concern.

With drug charges, Baltimore actress' life mirrors art

HBO has been the home of various popular fictional series. In many cases, shows reach a high level of success because the plotlines of the programs touch a point of reality for viewers. One recent real-life case out of Baltimore exemplifies how art can reflect reality and vice versa.

Priest enters Maryland rehab following repeat DUI charge

"Like I'm Jeffrey Dahmer, I'm not," said a priest while locked up in an Ohio holding cell. He had been arrested for a repeat DUI, and officials decided to videotape the defendant while he was in custody. The video has reached numerous people online, intensifying the priest's already deep-felt shame about his behavior.

Bill could change statute of limitations for identity theft

Bloomberg Businessweek recently reported on an out-of-state story about a new bill that could affect how certain theft crimes are treated. Specifically, the bill seeks to make identity theft crimes easier to prosecute.

Baltimore jury convicts man of first degree murder

Last week, a case that began in November of 2008 came to a likely end. A Baltimore jury was faced with a crucial decision that would greatly affect the life of a defendant who faced the most serious of criminal charges: first degree murder.

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