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February 2011 Archives

Woman's Maryland possession sentence reduced by Judge

Moved by an alleged promise of romance, one Maryland woman got herself into some legal trouble. She was reportedly visiting an inmate at the Maryland Correctional Institution and was persuaded to participate in a drug crime by a manipulative inmate.

Mandatory seat belts could become new Maryland traffic law

Sure, drivers, front seat passengers and children are currently required to wear seat belts, but the law could be about to change in Maryland. A father and Police Captain was inspired by the loss of his son to support an effort to make the traffic law stricter: everyone should have to wear a seat belt, regardless of age or location in the vehicle.

Should drug dogs be used in our kids' Maryland schools?

Maybe times have changed, but to many, the idea of dogs being used in children's schools brings to mind a startling image. Some schools in Maryland already utilize the canines as a way to identify students in possession of marijuana and other illegal drugs in their lockers.

Maryland professor forced to retire because of false accusations

All too often, innocent people are accused of crimes they did not commit, whether out of spite, anger revenge or a serious misunderstanding. During a messy divorce or a dispute over child custody, people might accuse their spouse of something that is untrue in an effort get more money or sole custody of the kids.

Lohan back in court for new charge: grand theft

It's not an uncommon occurrence at this point to see actress Lindsay Lohan in a courtroom setting. This week, we've seen her in the midst of a new legal battle. This time, she isn't charged with a drug or DUI-related crime. Instead, she is charged with felony theft.

Montel for marijuana: Ex-host supports legalization in Maryland

Legalizing the medical use of marijuana in Maryland has been considered in recent years, without success for legalization supporters. But there is a new proposal on the table, and along with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, a TV star is also throwing in his emotional support for the well-being of patients seeking pain relief.

Man's confession to Maryland theft turned murder ruled invalid

On Monday, one young man got some good news that could mean a huge difference in his future. And this case provides an opportunity to teach many a lesson about the legal process. Confessions can make a significant difference in the strength of a case, so knowing when a confession is and isn't legit is hugely important.

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