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January 2011 Archives

Maryland appeals court says police aren't above traffic laws

Traffic cameras have inspired debate throughout the country about whether they are effective tools of law enforcement or sneaky ways to make money. In Maryland, however, the debate took on a different focus about who has to pay for traffic violations caught by the cameras.

Judge calls off plea deal in high-profile Maryland DUI case

Imagine that you were pulled over, arrested and charged with a crime. Next, imagine the time and money that would be spent to legally defend your name and the relief you would feel if ultimately given the chance at a clean record. Now, think about how you would feel if you got close to that clean record but were then told that expungement was no longer an option.

New Internet program helps in Maryland theft case

According to a recent report, it just got easier for authorities to solve cases involving stolen property, specifically items made of scrap metal. With the help of a new program called, one Maryland theft case was just solved this week.

Cruise Ship Employees Arrested in Baltimore for Drug Charges

Last week, federal authorities made several arrests after a Royal Caribbean cruise ship docked in Baltimore. According to sources, the Enchantment of the Seas was serving as a drug carrier of the seas. Several of the ship's employees were arrested due to their alleged connection to an estimated $100,000 worth of illegal drugs that was hidden in the ship.

Maryland Sister Charged in Drug-Related Murder Strikes Plea Deal

The Capital reported new developments yesterday in the case of two sisters charged with the Maryland homicide of a store clerk in December 2009. The younger of the two sisters, who is 22, has worked out a plea deal with prosecutors that will limit her maximum prison time to 10 years for her involvement in the violent crime.

Maryland Senator Wants Speed Cameras Used for Safety, Not Revenue

Speed cameras. Are they effective means of protecting the public from reckless driving, or are they mere money makers? That's been an ongoing debate in the state of Maryland and most other areas of the country that utilize the law enforcement strategy.

Stolen Car Numbers Increase on New Year's Day

When most people think of the holidays, they think of visiting with family and friends, eating good food and opening presents. While the holidays are typically a happy time, they are also known for elevated levels of crime, especially theft. When families are out of town during any holiday, property crimes, including auto theft, tend to increase.

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