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December 2010 Archives

Part Two: Officer Credibility on Trial in Drug Cases, Rightly So

Our last post left off discussing how a Maryland officer's inconsistent testimony led to 2003 drug charges being dismissed by a judge. That same officer whose mistakes crippled that possession case has recently tried to provide testimony in support of another drug offense conviction.

Part One: Officer Credibility on Trial in Drug Cases, Rightly So

A recent article published in The Baltimore Sun brings up a critical issue when it comes to how certain cases are handled in the state's court system. The piece followed the past several years of a Baltimore police officer and how his past with one Maryland drug possession case affects his credibility in other cases.

Baltimore Man Arrested for Assault of Child and Officer

Sometimes, certain people get caught up in the criminal justice system at a young age and have a hard time getting out of the cycle. One 21-year-old man was recently arrested at a Baltimore middle school after allegedly trying to sexually assault a young student. This isn't his first run in with the law.

Maryland Assault and Kidnapping Case Muddled by Faulty Testimony

Romantic relationships can lead to heated interactions, fueled by passionate fear, sadness and anger. In the case of one Maryland couple, a woman's decision to move out of her and her boyfriend's apartment led to an emotional and allegedly violent crime.

New Speeding Camera At Work On Maryland Highway

Some in the state of Maryland worry that "Big Brother" is among resident drivers now that cameras are replacing officers at certain traffic areas. According to reports, the newest Maryland speeding camera has been put in a construction area on the Baltimore Washington Parkway.

Maryland Drug/DUI Court Offers Alternatives for Repeat Offenders

Repeat DUI offenders have a bad reputation. Many automatically assume that they are irresponsible people and they deserve the serious punishments that come with a repeat DUI. What most people tend to forget is that these repeat offenders may be suffering from addiction. Addiction is an illness and can consume individuals to the point where they have no concept of what is right or wrong. The Howard County court system is hoping to give these individuals an alternative to the current state their lives are in.

Does Off-Duty Carrying Policy Lead to Baltimore Officer Violence?

A Baltimore police officer is in the midst of defending his name after using his gun while off duty. The first time he fired his weapon while off duty was in 2005, when he reportedly shot at a young man who had assaulted him. The shot wasn't fatal, unlike the officer's most recent incident.

New Year Brings Changes to Maryland Traffic Violations

When you are counting down to the new year this holiday, it is important to remember that Jan. 1 brings in a change other than the beginning of a new year. It will be welcome 2011, and welcome new laws regarding Maryland traffic tickets.

Real Thing or Not, Possession of 'Fake Pot' is Now a Crime

Illegal incense? Yes, it does exist, according to a decision that the DEA made last week. The herbal incense has been sold in smoke shops under different names, such as K2, Spice and Blaze. Safety advocates and anti-drug groups, however, caught on to the incense's other, less obvious use, which is how the product earned its more well-known name, "fake pot."

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