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November 2010 Archives

A Recipe for Disaster: Four Loko Will Not be Sold in Maryland

If you have not yet heard about the notorious beverage Four Loko, you are a rarity in the county. Maryland residents, however, are very likely to have heard about the controversial drink. The state lost one of its residents to the dangerous "blackout in a can," as critics are calling the product.

Critter Kidnapping: Baltimore Kids Charged in Unique Theft Case

Last weekend, a Baltimore nature center lost some of its wild treasures to two different break-ins. Curiously, no money was stolen. No valuable equipment was stolen. What was taken? According to reports, six turtles, two geckos, one iguana, a Madagascar hissing cockroach and two chameleons were missing from the Carrie Murray Nature Center.

In Pursuit to Bust Him for Drug Crime, Police Hit Youth with Car

Did area police recently go overboard in their pursuit to capture a young man whom they believed they saw sell drugs? According to The Baltimore Sun, area police were on an undercover mission to bust a drug deal last Sunday when they were led on a chase to apprehend a 17 year old, and the chase turned into a crash.

Suspect Told Truth About Self-Defense in Maryland Bar Fight

University of Maryland students, alumni and the area community were all shaken by a recent bar fight that recently occurred near campus. According to sources, four victims were assaulted with a knife by a 21-year-old suspect, none of whom were critically injured.

Baltimore Man's Diabetic Blackout Caused Traffic Violations

"I don't want to hurt anybody, my gosh," lamented a Baltimore man in an Ohio court. The 67- year-old defendant is facing a shocking reality after having allegedly blacked out while behind the wheel on May 5. He faces 12 misdemeanor charges for committing a string of traffic violations that injured three other drivers.

Baltimore-Born R&B Singer Free from Mother's Assault Charge

It has been a while since the R&B singer Mario has had his name in the papers regarding his musical career. Unfortunately, his name has been in the limelight recently due to a legal battle involving his mother. Yesterday, however, brought the pop star good news: his mother dropped the charges she filed against him last month.

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