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October 2010 Archives

Baltimore School Volunteer Accused of Sexually Abusing Student

A minister who volunteered as a mentor at the Friendship Academy of Engineering and Technology has been accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy he befriended. Police say the man, 47, fondled the boy, made him watch pornographic videos and masturbated in front of him. However, the man adamantly denies the criminal charges and claims he is being falsely accused.

Baltimore Woman Receives Light Sentence on Drug Charges

An unlucky-in-love woman received a lenient sentence after pleading guilty to possession with intent to distribute heroin. The Baltimore woman was sentenced to six months in jail in Washington County Circuit Court this week after she admitted to smuggling heroin into Maryland Correctional Institution-Hagerstown. According to Assistant State's Attorney Robert Veil, the state normally seeks a sentence of four years in prison for guilty pleas in similar cases involving drug charges.

Baltimore Ravens Assistant Coach Charged with Drunk Driving

Assistant coach of the Baltimore Ravens, Andy Moeller, is not unfamiliar with DUI allegations. He is in the midst of his third time defending his name from alcohol-related charges. A recent report states that Moeller is scheduled to appear in court next month, Nov. 22.

Man Pulled Over for Minor Traffic Violation in Jail for Homicide

A recent case against one Maryland man shows how important it is to wear your seatbelt while driving. Mr. C. was pulled over by officers in Dec. of 2007 because they spotted that he wasn't wearing his safety belt. What started out as a minor traffic violation, however, quickly escalated into something bigger, and the suspect now sits in jail for life.

Baltimore Man Fights Sentence and Wins by Proving System Mistake

It might be common for inmates to say that they were wrongly accused and wrongly convicted. In the case of Mr. P., however, he not only was telling the truth, but he proved the truth in court. A U.S. District Court judge recently concluded that the inmate was sentenced to too many years in prison due to a clerical error on his criminal record and shortened his prison sentence.

Juveniles are Not Adults Just Because They Commit Violent Crimes

Youth and justice advocates argue that it is illogical: charging young men and women as adults because they commit certain crimes. For example, does committing a violent crime change whether a juvenile is, in fact, not an adult and still in the process of maturing?

Maryland Expands Traffic Laws to Prohibit Handheld Phone Use

It was only last year when the state outlawed text messaging while driving, but Maryland has already tightened its reigns further by outlawing the use of handheld cell phones while driving. The new law went into effect last Friday, Oct. 1.

Maryland Man Gets Plea Deal for Drunk Driving Charges

Things could have ended differently for a 27-year-old Maryland man who was charged with driving under the influence and drug possession based on an Aug. 28 accident. According to sources, the defendant was offered a plea deal for pleading guilty to the charges, and a judge recently sentenced him to six months in jail, followed by a home detention program.

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